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Ravi Shankar - Genesis (full album)

Ravi Shankar - Genesis (full album)

Uploader: Tudo Um

Duration: 40:40

Date: June 02, 2013

Ravi Shankar is the most respected exponent in India of the sitar's classical repertoire, and this soundtrack shows off his compositional abilities. Not traditional Indian music, but influenced heavily by his Indian roots, this music is delivered in short three and four minute pieces (different from the raga format which usually includes extremely long improvisations).
1. Genesis Theme - 00:00
2. Woman Reminiscing - 01:23
3.Fair - 05:19
4.Return From the Fair - 13:25
5.Passion - 16:46
6.Jealousy and Fighting - 19:21
7.Varation on Genesis Theme on Sitar - 20:33
8.Bounty Full of Crops - 24:36
9.Song in the Fair - 28:46
10.Swing - 32:05
11.Camel - 35:15
12.Title - 36:34

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