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OM Mantra Chanting | 8 Hours | 432Hz

OM Mantra Chanting | 8 Hours | 432Hz

Uploader: Meditative Mind

Duration: 08:59:53

Date: July 16, 2015

OM Mantra Chanting Meditation at 432Hz for 8 Hours

OM or AUM is the sound of the Universe - the sound of divine - its a powerful vibration - 432Hz is the vibrational frequency of nature around us.
And when you combine the both, magic happens.
The entire experience becomes divine, and it can help in our connection with the ONE . Its also the seed mantra of Crown Chakra - the Sahasrara.

Meditate with it, chant with it, you can also use it for yoga or just listen to it and let it play in the background. and let the positive vibrations from the universe spread all around you.

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