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Ravi Shankar Raga Charukauns

Ravi Shankar  Raga Charukauns

Uploader: rliesky56

Size: 67.63 MB

Duration: 49:15

Date: October 16, 2012

Raga Charukauns ( 49.14 )
-Alap, Jor & Jhala ( 25.05 )
-Gat in Teentaal & Ektaal ( 24.09 )
Ravi Shankar - Sitar
Alla Rakha - Tablas
Charukauns is a Raga created by Ravi Shankar by combining the southern Raga Charukeshi with Raga Mallkauns.
The romanticism and pathos of Charukeshi mingles with the depth, grandeur and dignity of Malkauns, establishing a truly unique musical atmosphere.
From " Incredible Ravi Shankar "

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