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OM Chanting @528 Hz | 8 Hours

OM Chanting @528 Hz | 8 Hours

Uploader: Meditative Mind

Size: 746.48 MB

Duration: 09:03:34

Date: August 06, 2017

The single word “OM” produces the sound and vibration which allows you to feel at one with the nature. Chanting this sound cleans your aura, removes all negative things from your mind, boosts self confidence and increases concentration. One who chants OM daily develops divine qualities such as compassion, truth, love, purity, patience, and courage. Vibrations of OM improve your endorphins level which improves your mood and you feel refreshed and relaxed.

During the course of reciting you will experience the mind, breath, sound and vibration of mantra flowing simultaneously. This harmonization has beautiful effect which helps to keep the mind calm and body relaxed.

The particular version of OM with 528 Hz frequency is known for its ultra calming effects on mind and body

Morning meditation is the best way to start but you can do it any time anywhere. Chant OM aloud or silently. Chant as long as you feel like chanting.

Om chanting is not only beneficial for the chanter but also helps to transform our planet, sends out a stronger positive vibration in the surrounding and magnifying the healing effect.

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